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Are you coming to stay at Dandeli Resorts or visiting nearby travel destinations? You should go see some amazing places near Hubli for a one day trip. The Hubli area has many beautiful places to visit nearby. This article will tell you about the best places to visit near Hubli city for a one-day sightseeing trip. We will talk about stunning nature spots, old historical cave temples, and peaceful religious shrines — all within short driving distance from Hubli city centre.


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Below is the list of incredible tourist places that are close to Hubli, and they should be considered by anyone who wants to take a break from the usual noisy places: Come and experience the wonderful waterfalls, explore the beautiful green hills for trekking, get amazed by carving arts belongs to ancient period and feel delighted in the holy temples. We also have in mind the places that are friendly for the families as well. You just need to scroll down to check out some of the best one-day local sightseeing options in Hubli.

Nrupatunga Hill:


One can plan for Nrupatunga hill trip near Hubli city in one day trip because it is one of the most attractive places. This scenic hill is just 10 km from downtown Hubli, and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.


Nepali people love this place, and it is also famous among trekking and nature enthusiasts. There is a marked hiking trail which ranges from easy to moderately difficult as it leads up the hill. The top provides great vantage points and majestic views of the extensive greenery that is located in the vicinity. Nrupatunga Hill also has an old temple that is present at the peak of the hill, and it is known as the Nrupatunga Betta Temple.


Climbing up to Nrupatunga Hill to get a view of the landscapes is one of the exciting activities that visitors get to participate in. The hill also avails opportunities of getting good photographs, especially in the morning or in the evening if at sunset.


It would take a comfortable 2–3 hours if you do a lot of trekking, if you are an architecture enthusiast, you can check the temple designs or if you just want to enjoy nature. This makes it a very convenient half day’s trip from Hubli City.


Gokak Falls:

Gokak Falls is a wonderful waterfall site located around 60 km from Hubli city. It is a perfect nature spot to visit on a one-day sightseeing trip from Hubli. The falls are quite tall at 52 meters height. Water gushes down from this great height, creating a spectacular scenery. The area around Gokak Falls has lush green trees and unique rock formations too. This makes it a very picturesque place for photography. Visitors can picnic by the waterfall pool or take a refreshing swim in the waters. Some adventure seekers also try rappelling down the falls. The serene surroundings provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere away from city noises. You can easily spend 2–3 hours at Gokak Falls site. Enjoy the natural beauty with best Dandeli Resort Packages, click pics, have snacks, and unwind amidst nature. It’s a great escape from Hubli into scenic countryside. Plan to reach early to avoid crowds.


Badami Caves:

Badami Caves are ancient rock cut cave temples located in the north-eastern part of Karnataka, about 90 Kms from Hubli city. These caves belong to the period of Chalukya kings of 6th and 7th centuries. They are ideal for a one-day heritage sightseeing trip from Hubli. The caves have engravings and paintings made on the walls and the ceilings of the caves. There are many Hindu and Jain mythological paintings and carving depicted on the walls of the caves. This historical site provides a preview of the cultural history of the area. The Badami cave temples are a true delight for history lovers, and there is so much one can learn about the place and its history. The art of rock-cutting is very prominent, and the structures are simply amazing. It is suggested that one should spend 2–3 hours to wander around the caves when visiting near Hubli. It is partly a sightseeing tour, and partly a light hiking trip. Furthermore, it will be a great shame if you do not visit this historical marvel when in Hubli.


Banashankari Amma Temple:

Banashankari Amma Temple is one of the most important Hindu temples situated in Badami, which is about 90 Kms away from Hubli city. This ancient cave temple is situated in the Badami Cave Temple area thus, both temple can be visited in one day trip from Hubli.

Banashankari temple is a temple of goddess Banashankari which is an avatar of mother goddess Parvati. The temple has beautiful stony engravings and pillar works that dates back to the Chalukya dynasty of the 7th century. The main shrine contains a beautiful black stone idol of the goddess.


This is therefore a good place to visit for a spiritual experience with historical cave background at the Banashankari Amma Temple. Pilgrims visit this place to worship and to get the divine blessings from the god or goddess. The environment of the temple is serene which is not close to the noises of the city making it suitable for meditation and prayers.


It is suggested that one should spend approximately one hour walking around the temple, observing the construction, and feeling the spiritual energy. This should not be missed by any visitor to Hubli city when visiting the heritage sites of Hindu pilgrimage.




In summary, the areas around Hubli offer many amazing one day sightseeing options. From scenic Nrupatunga Hill to gorgeous Gokak Falls, ancient Badami Caves and serene Banashankari Amma Temple — you can experience nature, history, and spirituality. After exploring these top places near Hubli, consider staying at the lush Dandeli Resort to unwind. The Dandeli resorts provide comfortable accommodations with Dandeli swimming pool resorts to relax after your Hubli area sightseeing trip.


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